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This is a product that I use on daily bases and it just provide the look I wanted. This product last a long time as I use it for both day and night time. I wear it for special events because it is just so easy to apply. It is creamy but also so full coverage at the same time. The foundation looks great with bronzer, blush, highlighter and eye shadow on top.

Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

Mac have nailed this foundation and it is a great make up staple. This is my go to foundation for everyday. It is easy to build up the layers if you want a fuller coverage and gives a great, even finish. Some foundations can seep into pores or wear off after a long day but this just doesn't change at all from morning to night.

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It doesn't feel too heavy on the skin and doesn't dry out my skin like I have found with previous foundations I have used. The only downside I have found is if you have pre-existing dry skin then the product can sometimes "cling" to those areas which then makes them even more visible to others.

I would definitely recommend keeping a good skin care regime along side this foundation to prevent this from happening. I usually apply with a beauty blender as I find this the easiest way to get an even all round finish and always ensure to apply primer before use. I would recommend purchasing the pump for this product as it is tricky to get out of the bottle otherwise and you can easily wash the pump and transfer it to the new bottle. What can I say.. This foundation is my ultimate go to product.

I started buyin MAC foundation 4 years ago and I havnt even thought about changing. I have heard so many wonderful things about this foundation but was so scared to try it as i knew it was a matte foundation! I have very dry skin so matte foundations normally look horrendous on my skin. I was invited into MAC to get colour matched and they helped me create the perfect base to have underneath this foundation. My skin was so hydrated and luminous after these two products the studio fix looked flawless and glowy on top of it!

I love the coverage and the longevity of it, such an amazing foundation with an amazing amount of shades! I have used a wide variety of different foundations and brands and I find this to be one of the best that suits my skin type. This is one of my favourite foundations. I usually reach out for Studio Fix Fluid if I want my make up to last from day to night.

The texture of the product is just nice, very blendable. The coverage is buildable from medium to full coverage. The smell of the foundation smells like At least for my nose, I can't smell anything funky.. I usually apply the foundation by dotting small amounts on my forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck. And then, I will blend it all out with a beauty blender or using a large oval brush.

The product stays on my skin, providing long lasting coverage for at least 8 hours I prepped my skin well with moisturiser and primer. The only thing that I want to change is the packaging. I think it is more convenient if it comes in pump bottle. I sometime tipped over a little too much and I can't put it back in the bottle due to hygienic reason. I got to attend this event with my sister.

I felt really glad to know the beautyheaven team and mac team. I had never used mac products before so I was really excited to try the foundation. Also i am a bit of a amateur when it comes to makeup so it was really helpful of the makeup artist to explain me everything from prepping my skin to the finishing spray.

As i was told i moisturised my face applied a primer and applied this foundation with a brush and I was really amazed with the coverage. It did not feel dry on my skin. I have dry skin but still this foundation worked for me. Also this foundation had spf 15 which is really good especially for day to day use. It is long lasting, not waterproof however. Great for any skin type, although, if you do have dry skin, be sure to use a more of a dewy consistency primer or a hydrating moisturiser as the foundation can tend to sometimes stick to the dry patches, even once powdered.

Price is ok, could do better for the price. I started using Mac foundation at the age of I started with studio water weight but found it didn't offer as much coverage as i was looking for. That's when I tried Studio Fix and I have never looked back. It offers a full coverage look but without giving off the caked in make up effect. It applies so easily and I love that you can still apply less for a more daytime look. I personally like to add a powder on top of my foundation to give it a matte finish and I think it helps it to sit for longer.

People always comment on how flawless my skin and make up look and I swear its all the foundation. The coverage has been stepped up and makes all the difference. The beauty about this product is that it stays on ALL day and gives me a flawless look, which i was previously missing! The make up artist matched a shade so perfectly to my skin tone.

There seems to be a colour made for every complexion and C3 was spot on for me. I have nothing bad to say about this product and will encourage all to take the plunge and try it! Plus i can use it with my face tanner as well. This is the best MAC foundation I've ever used. What a great coverage and match to skin colour. I loved the consistency and the colour that matched my skin. Only used a tiny bit and it was sufficient. The colour matched my skin tone and it stayed on. This is a 24 her foundation for sure. It can be used on all skin types with the right moisture routine and skin prep before application.

After the application you will need to set it to make sure it stays on. Great coverage and can be used in conjunction with the right shade of concealer. Also, if the right brush is used it gives you an air brushed look. You van build on it or even use a little bit for light coverage. This is truly a great product that will match all skin types from diverse backgrounds.

Can't wait for it to be launched in the market. I am already loving it. I can't even begin to describe how much i love this product, i honestly have used it every day since i received the product! It's rare to find something that you feel the same way about when you first received it and when you've used it for a few weeks, i can safely say i still love using this foundation. I use the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 every morning before i go to work or out for an event because it gives me a natural finish as well as lets my skin breathe.

Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 gives me full face coverage, and I would already recommend this product to my family and friendship group.

C and will become a staple in my make up bag going forward. Thanks M. C and beauty heaven team for allowing me to review this product.

Best MAC foundation - Every single one tested on half a face

In recent years I have swapped to Estee Lauder Double wear for the full coverage that lasts all day, so I was excited when I was excited to the MAC Masterclass event to revisit an old fave. Getting colour matched was a great experience, as I have always been an NC20 or NC25 in the past, but the make up artist matched me as a NW Such a completely different shade, and it really made a difference to my overall complexion - I looked much more natural and glowy compared to usual.

So interesting to see how your skin changes over time! One of the best things about MAC products is definitely the shade range - it is massive, and there is definitely a perfect match for everyone. The MAC studio fluid is easily applied with fingers or make up brushes and blends smoothly into the skin.

I tried the MAC foundation that *everyone* is talking about and it definitely lived up to the hype

For a medium to full coverage it is best to build in light layers with a brush. I primed before and after for a longer wear, and prepped my eyebrows before foundation also to get a nice clean base. I set along the t zone with my regular powder and added a little highlighter to the cheekbones. I like how this foundation provides full coverage but doesn't compromise a natural glow. The colour matching is key to this, as it doesn't detract from your natural skin tone.

I would definitely continue to use this - especially for special occasions, as it works best when you go through the entire prep and prime, apply with brush routine. I would re-purchase this and other MAC products, as I believe they are quality and made to suit your skin type and tone. I've never used a M. When the MAC makeup artist colour matched me, I thought she did an amazing job as it really suited me perfectly - I love that the foundation has such a diverse range. When I went to use it at home, I felt the finish was really nice and blended evenly on my skin.

I really love the fact that I could apply the foundation with both a brush and sponge and still get a really lovely, flawless finish. Turns out the one I was using was not the one I should be using! I used many foundations in the past but must say that this one provides the best coverage without looking cakey on. Without the mist I found it wouldn't last throughout the day. It is a pretty heavy make up hence I only use it for special occasions.

I found that using it daily made my skin breakout a lot. The other thing I find not so great is the smell of the product. You have to work fairly quickly with this product because it dries fast. I typically use a damp beauty blender for application because I've found that brushes can make it look a bit streaky and unnatural. Its not the worst I've seen but it is definitely something to keep in mind when picking a shade. It has a natural matte finish. I have dry to normal skin and if I don't use a hydrating primer before applying this foundation, it will dry me out pretty bad and, overall, just look pretty unpleasant.

I will say you should use caution when applying this product because a little bit goes a very long way. Start small and build or else you might end up looking really cakey and unnatural.

I think it is crucial to set this with a powder to extend the wear and prevent it from moving around on your face. This foundation is in the pricier side. Since I have grown to love my light to medium coverage foundations, I probably won't repurchase this product. Just based off of personal preference this is definitely not a foundation I use often at all. But if you have more oily skin and like a full coverage foundation, you might want to try this.

NC20 more This was the first high end foundation I ever purchased when I was about 21 I'm 36 now and although I loved the finish and how it made my skin look flawless when applied, it was anything but flawless after a few days. I broke out horribly whenever I tried to resume wearing this foundation and it oxidized just as bad: I had to stop using it because that was the only way I'd get my skin to clear up. I still broke out. I give it 3 stars on the finish because on a good day, when I'd apply this my skin looked pretty with a somewhat demi matte finish. It also did not settle into my lines they way a more heavier foundation can.

Unfortunately, there is some ingredient in it that my skin does not like and causes me to break out: MAC definitely has an extensive shade range in their collection and I really appreciate that. And when I tried one of their luminous foundations my skin would look like it was dripping wet. There was no happy medium for these foundations. Although it doesn't leave a very natural finish, people who love the full coverage look will enjoy this.

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It is great for dry skin. My skin is oily and it really showed with this product. I would recommend oily skin users to use a powder on top. NW10 more My holy grail is this brand and color. I love love love the finish and feel when applying it.

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May 8, , 2: NC40 more It was pigmented perfectly for my skin tone, controlled my oil zones, and had good coverage. Within the next several weeks, I realized how much I was breaking out. I would have to use more of this product to cover my acne which was in turn making my skin worse. Also; I realized how much this foundation smells like chemicals. Gasoline to be exact. I then returned to my tarte Amazonian clay, and was in relief from the issue.

Granted I have sensitive skin, this product could work for others—just not for me. I still give it 3 starts because it has a beautiful shade range and had good oil control. I love the ability to have maximum of light coverage the match to my skin tone is perfect! I have a hello u fertile with olive tone and NC20 is perfect in winter and I switch to NC 25 in the summer! Does this product break you guys out? Mildreth V. Not at all.

M·A·C Cosmetics

Is like one of the best foundations I have owned. Good coverage as well! Alison M. I have very dry skin. I used to use this several years ago and this was my favorite. I stopped using it and switched to a few other brands and recently switched back to this. Other brands were drying my skin right out and it was flaking off. Since I switched back to this no problems! Very light and tons of shades. Does this cause any breakout? How long does it last? Smaraki S.

It doesn't break me out and I have sensitive skin. It lasts hours if I'm not running. I have ben looking for a foundation for months now, is this a good one? Cover this up all your pimples or blemishes?? Emily E. Memphis, TN. This is my favorite foundation! It covers everything and makes your complexion look even. I use this product and it makes my faces cakey. Ive tried several brushes.

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I exfoliate and moisterize before each use. I also use a finishing powder as well, any ideas? Jaydee Q. Wildomar, CA. Try applying and blending with your finger: I've been doing it for years!