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Boot Camp – Capture Screenshots in Windows With an Apple Keyboard

Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: I know keyboard shortcuts in apple side also using GRAB for getting window screen shot; but can't find out how to do now in winXP side? Since keyboard is mac, and XP info refers to keys on a windows keyboard. I can't find any combinations to work. ANy ideas?

Sorry to ask but how can a Mac user Print Screen using parallels? (Morrowind)

I want to capture a window, attach to email inside of XP and mail to me on my mac side or another mac computer for reference. Appreciate any ideas! All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Pushing PrntScrn puts the whole screen on the clipboard. You then need to paste from the clipboard into an App like Paint. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Flying Dutchman Flying Dutchman. I find all the shortcuts I need in there. I tried both the command-shift-3 and command-shift Those are apple key combos so mayb winxp not reading my macbook apple key combos.

The winxp side says use "print screen" which as I said is not on the macbook.

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See what I mean? It's like winxp want's it's directions, and mac uses's it's and the "twain shall never meet.

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Sorry, been looking in apple support search and on macbook; can you please give me clearer directions? I was able to take a window screenshot of a Word window by holding down alt and clicking prsc on the onscreen keyboard. Searching around I see it might be mapped to the F13 key on an extended keyboard. I won't be able to verify this until I can get to my extended keyboard at work.

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Also, Alt-print screen is built-in for but for day-to-day screen capturing I recommend a free utility called IrfanView. This tool has found itself onto everyone of my Windows VMs because of its options to time, capture the mouse pointer or not, and to crop and edit.

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On a Windows box, the PrtSc print screen button by itself captures the entire desktop to the clipboard, while Alt-PrtSc captures only the foreground window the one with focus to the clipboard. You can then open up Paint, paste the contents of the clipboard into it, and save the file.

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Note that this will be a quite large file, as a bit color bitmap by default. I usually then use an image editing program to convert the bitmap to a png file and compress more than fold. The key to the right of F12 is the CD eject key. I did verify plugging an Apple USB extended keyboard into my MBP that F13 functions as print screen for both full screen and alt-prsc for the frontmost window. I'm using a macbook pro and my function keys end at F Can someone please let me know what the keystrokes are to print screen so I can take an image and paste into word?

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I realise that you really want to be able to press on key to capture a screen, but I strongly recommend that you take a look at this superb, free, utility: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.