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Whimsical is Cloud based and is used by some pretty big names including Netflix, Microsoft and Salesforce. Whimsical is extremely simple and all you require is a Google account or email address to get started. Whimsical is extremely fast to use, creates elegant flowcharts and allows you to collaborate with other users in real-time. Did you know that Google Docs and Drive now offers a free way to draw flowcharts on your Mac.

Every shape you'll need

Like most of the Google Docs toolset, its quite simple and basic but very easy to use and works on any platform. All you need is a free Google account in order to use it. There are an increasing number of Google Docs flowchart stencils and templates to choose from which you can download for free and preview before using.

You can see just how easy it is to create flowcharts on Mac for free using Google Docs and Drive below:. Shapes is an elegant cost effective Mac diagramming tool that produces impressive flowcharts. You can free trial of Shapes. Textografo is an intelligent online flowchart software that uses syntax to construct flowcharts on your Mac.

Flowchart Software for Mac

Textografo requires you to type processes along the left hand margin and then automatically constructs flowcharts in the main canvas on the right of the screen. Textografo automatically aligns objects and processes via different layout templates that you can select at the top of the screen although you can manually drag and drop objects. Textografo in an interesting and clean approach to flowchart making. You can try a 7 day free trial before having to purchase a plan.

You can also read our full review of Textografo for a closer look. MyDraw uses the familiar Microsoft Office ribbon interface which makes it easy to get going with. MyDraw has plenty of objects and templates , and is ideal for cross-functional flowcharts, workflow diagrams, data flow diagrams and sketching out process flows.

You can also read our full review of MyDraw for more. EDraw looks very similar to Microsoft Visio and can import or export Visio files. EDraw Max supports vector graphics and has around objects and different flowchart templates to choose from. You can add attachments, notes and comments to flowcharts, expand and collapse shapes and collaborate on diagrams via the Cloud.

There are many easily accessible flowchart shapes to help illustrate your flowcharts with.

Other useful touches are that Edraw Max automatically aligns swim lanes and flowchart objects and can also create double page, super sized flowcharts. You can also read our full Edraw Max review. Sensus BPM is a highly specialized business process management flowchart software for business and enterprise environments. Sensus BPM is designed to continually help businesses to improve processes and share them across the entire organization. DRAKON has stood the test of time however and makes it surprisingly fast and easy ti create flowcharts on Mac or mobile devices. All you need to do is create a DRAKON account to start using it although the free version is limited to 3 diagrams and one user.

Pages is designed for word processing but it includes basic shapes , ability to add text and connect it with lines and arrows to allow you to create simple flowcharts on your Mac. There are a few important things to consider when choosing which Mac flowchart software is best for you.

There are some specific aspects to flowchart software compared to other types of diagram software to bear in mind when you make your decision. Lucidchart is excellent if you need Microsoft Office integration with useful plugins that allow you to create far better flowcharts in MS Office than Office itself can. If you want a native desktop flowchart application on your Mac, then the options are considerably more limited.

Flowchart Maker for Mac - Free Templates and More

The same goes for ConceptDraw Pro which may be a better solution if you want a desktop flowchart software on your Mac which also works on PC desktops too. If you just want something really simple and economical meanwhile, Whimsical , Mindcab Incubator and Shapes are easy to use if more limited solutions. If you have any questions, comments or experiences you want to share about the flowchart solutions covered here, let us know in the comments below. ConceptDraw PRO has thousands of objects and hundred of samples and templates.

The RapidDraw technology in ConceptDraw allows one to quickly sketch out a flowchart or swim lane diagram. This free viewer from CS Odessa, Diagram Viewer, is a great tool to carry your business diagrams with you. Thanks for the suggestion although we did also feature also ConceptDraw in our look at the best alternatives to Visio for Mac. With the help of the built-in automatic graph and tree layouts, you can draw and arrange your flowcharts and org. Nevron Draw is now MyDraw: There is also an iPad version available..

You can download a trial version here: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Best Software. Last Updated: February 4, Thanks for the suggestion! Displaying large diagrams on websites, blogs, wiki pages etc. It is a handy widget to display diagrams of any size, and you can embed it anywhere with a simple embed code. The Creately Player comes with zooming tools, sharing options and a link menu to view any link on your flowchart. The Player automatically syncs with the original diagram. Whenever you make a change to the original diagram, the Player will reflect it, always giving viewers updated information.

Using real-time collaboration you can work together with your colleagues and clients and see the changes made by each other instantly. All the revisions are preserved so you can easily revert back to your preferred version in case of an error. This reduces the countless hours spent on email exchanges discussing the flowchart. Everything is transparent and makes it very easy to make decisions.

This will take your productivity to a whole new level. Having trouble getting started? Stuck for ideas? We got you covered. Our flowchart templates for Mac cover most of the common scenarios and are designed for maximum visual impact. Stop worrying about color combinations, typography and arrow direction.

Just modify the template and get your job done faster. As you can see from the templates above, we have a flowchart for almost every situation. From simple flowcharts covering small processes to complex flowcharts that include swim lanes, we have something for everyone! And everyday hundreds more are added to our diagram community by dedicated users. But with our intuitive, user friendly interface, you can start drawing immediately.

Just spend minutes watching the video and you can start creating flowcharts like a pro. We constantly publish informative blog posts, resource articles to educate our users. In fact our tutorials are world renowned for their comprehensiveness.