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Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Thanks and appreciate it! More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Linc Davis Linc Davis. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: This comment applies to malicious software "malware" that's installed unwittingly by the victim of a network attack. It does not apply to software, such as keystroke loggers, that may be installed deliberately by an attacker who has hands-on access to the victim's computer.

That threat is in a different category, and there's no easy way to defend against it. If you have reason to suspect that you're the target of such an attack, you need expert help. All versions of OS X since The recognition database is automatically updated once a day; however, you shouldn't rely on it, because the attackers are always at least a day ahead of the defenders.

Starting with OS X By default, applications that are downloaded from the network will only run if they're digitally signed by a developer with a certificate issued by Apple. Applications certified in this way haven't actually been tested by Apple unless they come from the Mac App Store , but you can be sure that they haven't been modified by anyone other than the developer. His identity is known, so he could be held legally responsible if he distributed malware.

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For most practical purposes, applications recognized by Gatekeeper as signed can be considered safe. Note, however, that there are some caveats concerning Gatekeeper: It can be disabled or overridden by the user. It can be bypassed by some third-party networking software, such as BitTorrent clients and Java applets see below. It only applies to applications downloaded from the network. Software installed from a CD or other media is not checked. For more information about Gatekeeper, see this Apple Support article.

That being said, the best defense against malware is your own intelligence. All known malware on the Internet that affects a fully-updated installation of OS X If you're smarter than the malware attacker thinks you are, you won't be duped. That means, primarily, that you never install software from an untrustworthy source. How do you know a source is untrustworthy? That exception to this rule no longer applies. No intermediary is acceptable.

Java on the network not to be confused with JavaScript, to which it's not related is always a potential weak spot in the security of any operating system. If a Java web plugin is not installed, don't install it unless you really need it. Has the warez mentality even reached t the lofty regions of OS X? I have a big problem. My computer is slower than before and I found out recently that it downloads program from the internet by itself.

Among the files it downloaded are iframe3,logins. I didnt open them and I deleted them as soon as I saw them. I have iantivirus and macscan but they cant detect any virus, malware or spyware. Help me please. So, Norton for free — is a waste of your time. Bitdefender For Mac is very good also.

The two are the best choice. Norton and others leave the reduced speed and demand a great deal of the coolers and data. Your email address will not be published. Recommended for you: Ngan Tengyuen. MacbookV8 [ Reply ]. Alexandre Jourdain [ Reply ]. ToyBoy [ Reply ]. Sulaiman [ Reply ]. Please send me the NortonAntiVirus for Mac product key. Thanks for all….

Norton, it is a DOS itself. Hogs a system to the point of being useless. Of course, so is the number of malware families for the Mac. By my count , there are only 35 different malware families that have ever been capable of affecting Mac OS X, and given such scarcity of malware families, it is to be expected for samples to be hard to come by for someone not affiliated with any anti-virus company.

My opinion is that the samples used are a pretty good selection of malware, but of course, it could be improved on in the future. However, information about what malware has been detected historically by an anti-virus engine is important for predicting future accuracy.

In fact, looking at the data, it is clear that there is a correlation between overall detection rate and detection rate for active malware only. Of course, separating out the active malware only does have its uses, such as identifying which programs are improving and which are falling behind, which is why I included a summary of those numbers in the data as well as the overall statistics.

This is confirmed by a Symantec employee in the Norton forums. This means that, although I was using the latest version of iAntivirus, its definitions were more than two months old. Which would explain why it did so much worse against recent malware! The MacKeeper trial version refused to update the virus definitions unless it had actually been registered. Fortunately, I had been given a serial number by Zeobit recently, so I went ahead and registered so that I could update the definitions.

This was the only commercial product that was not used in its time-limited trial mode. It frankly does not work at all.

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A little weird, but it worked. Note that this is specific to running F-Secure in Parallels, and is not an issue when installed conventionally. There were a couple minor transcription errors malware that was marked as not detected when it actually was that were brought to my attention and have now been fixed in the data.

Although such things are bound to happen when combing through thousands of data points, which had to be collected through screenshots in many cases, my apologies to everyone for the error! Thomas, thanks for all the work!!! You included many that others had mentioned in your previous test. Like myself, there are probably many who use both Macs and Windows…and files from both platforms. Your work is appreciated!!! Many did substantially better this time.

Beyond the minimal use required for testing, I have no first-hand experiences with Kaspersky, or most of the other programs I tested. Sophos is right up there in the top three, and the differences between them are likely just chance differences caused by a still somewhat small sample size.

Mac anti-virus testing, part 2

I like Sophos because it is lightweight, with good detection rates, and in my testing has never caused any problems. However, I have not tested most of the other anti-virus programs as much as Sophos, so that should not be taken as any kind of comparison with them. I tried Sophos and it screwed up my system so badly I had to reinstall completely. Currently I have no AV installed but am thinking of installing Avast. I used Avast on my Windows laptop and loved it.

Though the annoying popup and spoken confirmation of definitions that had been updated was quite bothersome. I wonder if it does the same thing on the Mac..? Has anyone here used Avast without any complications? So what should we recommend now? Thanks, Clinton. However, I do make some recommendations in my Mac Malware Guide. Thank you Professor for all your hard work.

Unless you think it will drag the system, or be incredibly difficult to install or use, it seems a no brainer to choose Avast Am I missing something? Although avast! Do not rely solely on testing like this to make the choice. Evaluate the features that you feel you need that each program offers, and make sure that you educate yourself as to what the risks actually are before installing anything. See my Mac Malware Guide for that kind of information. It would be useful to add the built-in XProtect anti-malware into this list.

To properly test XProtect:. Testing XProtect alongside these other apps would be unfair and misleading. It only detects a fraction of the malware that they do. Apple uses a multi-layered approach to protect you from malware, and XProtect only covers some of it. It will not protect against something like Crisis, for example, because Crisis sneaks in through Java vulnerabilities.

XProtect cannot catch that sort of thing, so there is no definition for Crisis in XProtect. Apple protects against that by forcing users to keep Java updated and preventing them from running insecure Java web plug-ins. I do what everyone says not to do, with good luck doing it. I play around in the dark web and I use two anti-malware programs running in real-time. I have been doing this for more then two years with no problems. I have daily rotating clones if anything ever happened. I run Intego and Sophos together and put each in their trusted or no scan area.

Intego and Avast are a little flaky together. So I found a good match. Avast is far superior then Sophos in catching PC malware sites. They both have high sigs for PC malware. I test Avast with my Intego every 3 months to see if their coding has changed a bit so the two could coexist together.

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No need to pay money for AV when others are just as good and just as simplistic. I purchasted Intego Premium Bundle on Jan Since then they updated their virus definitions only once. My question is: How often are virus definitions supposed be updated in an AV program?

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It is known that new viruses appear every day, so how trustworthy can an AV program such as Intego who publishes ONE updated virus definitions in 4 days be?? I wrote twice to Intego both on Facebook and to their support email asking about that but have not received a reply or explanation yet. What do you think? I feel less and less safe with Intego. I was infected 3 times earlier in January before I had Intego both with Trojan and Exploit viruses so I am really afraid now, especially when I see that I have purchased an AV program that publishes so few virus updates.

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  8. I have a brand new Mac Book Air, by the way. Thanks very much in advance for your comments. Intego is in the top 3, so you should have no worries. Was a little disappointed by its performance in your test. I usually run it from an administrator account. But avast! I was expecting the second round…. If VirusTtotal database is available why does not antivirus update their engine based also in VirusTotal database? My personal point of view MacKeeper should be excluded from this comparison test.

    That program and that company should be completely ignored. Thats what happens when we find a 14years old with no experience and a very badly programmed program! Avast would be my choice except for one major problem: It makes watching hi-res video even from files resident on the computer almost impossible. Every animation becomes jerky.