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Your package CC and mods will go by default in the Packages subfolder. They're safe to delete as they'll regenerate when the game starts. It provided me with the creation of the Mod folder containing the Resource. Then I copied my mods into the packages and voila! My Wishlist! Seabody Global Moderator Watcher Posts: Sorry, but can I just point out two things? Quote from: The forum rules are like a towel; don't forget them.

Registered members do not see ads on this Forum. Register here. A clear conscience is usually a sign of a bad memory. You're welcome. Nope, it can be package. I always called mine package, and it runs just fine. No problem, Glad to be of help.

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Fingers crossed this works! Yay, it works! Now to finish up, download the Cheats module and Overwatch, then enjoy! And be glad my Dynasty is not invalid, since I play it in a Factory Resetted file, so that I can do whatever in one game, and play a vanilla Dynasty!

How to install Custom Content for Sims 3 on a Mac

Piggypox Llama Wrangler Posts: I believe this is the easiest way to set up your mods folder. It has a step by step with pictures. And the best part. All you need to do is download the framework, extract and you're done! Fluffy Puff Llama Wrangler Posts: What about updating your mods when the newest game patch comes out?

Do you need to delete the mods before patching your game and then install the newest mod version? Gothier Legacy. Fluffy Puff on March 02, , NRaas Industries. Saving Sims games from becoming doorstops since Forum Rules. I'm glad I'm getting feedback from this topic. Perhaps this could be sticky so beginners can easily find this topic?

Re: SIMS 3 MODS on a MAC computer

I've actually been really excited about this rule bending quite a bit, ever since I became a junior member that wasn't well aware of the rules. So, naturally, I'd be jumping on this. Seabody, how do you like Master Controller? Story Progression is another great mod, and very easy to turn off. Twallan has more interesting story progression than EA's. I cannot play without MasterController, simply because I like to cheat and see how toddler sims look like when they're older hehe. If I don't like it, I delete them from existence. I like the notifications you get and you actually know what the town is up to.

It slows the game down quite a bit though so you may have to compromise on graphics settings. Unless you have a really good computer. It's always smart to ask questions. Even though mods can be very helpful tools, they're also not something to be taken casually, especially when you can easily run into an outdated one, or conflicting mods. I really missed Master Controller, and as I mentioned using it before and getting in trouble through PM by a moderator, June of that year, when I got promoted to hero status, I stopped using them for nearly 10 months, and am happy to be using them again, this time, without any shame.

Hosfac Sleeper Agent Watcher Posts: Please read the Forum Rules Tales of the Crimson Fox: The Environmental Legacy: The Greene Family. Well, you get more stars, and points, when you move up a rank. Hosfac on March 03, , NonaMena Townie Posts: Hi jeamariesx3, it was very good of you to start this thread. As soembody else has pointed out, you can also just go here: I only mention this because the resource. This is important as some mods require correct use of the overrides folder to function properly.

Using the resource. Like I said, I used mods over a year ago, then stopped using them for a bit after I reached Hero Status and we weren't allowed to discuss mods. I never heard of creating an overrides folder. Not at all. I couldn't find the MTS version of it. This is when I started back up modding after realizing, Challenges here at the time were way out of the question, due to my own PC issues.

I couldn't remember where the resource file was and I ended up at this one. MoMoll Watcher Posts: I just installed the Mods folder! Excuse the excitement, it's my first time doing this. A couple of things: I did have to download 7-zip to my computer. Also, I used the modthesims link up above.


This just skips the intro with all the happy families that everyone skips anyway…. This can be downloaded here http: If not, well my only advice will be to re-read all of the above and make sure you followed the steps correctly. Now that you have hopefully got a working Mods folder, you might need some actual mods to improve the game. These are all mods that I use in game, so I highly recommend them. NoCD mod. This is useful if you have trouble with the Disk Authorisation Error message at the menu screen. These three mods do not need to be updated with each patch.

The majority of mods need to be updated with each patch. Any other questions can be posted on my The Sims 3 page itsaprilXD or at my tumblr, ministryofsims. Sadly Twallan has announced that he is no longer modding for The Sims 3 so the 1. With this in mind it would be a good idea to download and save the 1.

Here are the links to the Mac 1. Like Liked by 1 person. If you only use the mods listed from memory it was just the nointro and nobuildsparkles , you should notice if they work or not specifically with the missing intro — you should still see the Maxis logo, since there are two versions of that mod. Are you sure your game is updated to the most current patch?

itsaprilXD’s How to install Mods on a Mac Guide – The Sims 3

And what expansions and stuff packs do you have installed? Like Like. Hey April i have an issue. I am on the latest version btw. Are there either any later versions or AM I doing something wrong???!?! You must be doing something wrong, these instructions are crystal clear and the Resource. Just keep trying and follow the instructions very carefully, trying one mod at a time.

This will have created a new, vanilla, Sims 3 folder. I can get it to work, but the only problem is that some mods crash the game when I make a new world. Were you only using the mods listed? If not, make sure that you have the updated ones in your game a lot of mods do get updated with each patch, so you need to go and replace them with every patch. I cant get it to work too.. I tried this over and over and it still wont work.

Also, when I open the game they ask me to update but whenever I click update they would say that there are no patches available for download..

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Mine is 1. Have you tried patching manually?

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  8. I highly doubt it, but it is possible, since from memory the cracked versions require you to replace files in the game directory. That is a good question! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this tutorial. That was what I was hoping for. Did you mean the mediafire one that tells you where it will appear in your download bar? Thank you so much for all of the helpful information! I just have one quick question, as I have never actually used mods in my game before. Thanks again so much! Most of the them should be helpful in getting it to work.

    The link is at the top of the article, first paragraph. But i really want ccs. Hello, I did all of the steps and the no introMod is working.. I did exactly everything right,i re-read it so many times…But none of them work! Even the nointro one,i downloaded a bunch and every single one is on the Packages file,but still,no success. Do i need to unzip the files before putting them into the folders?? You place the.