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After upgrading Mac OS Completely deleted old version of Pencil and downloaded another version of Pencil and had the same result.

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Anyone else having this problem? Any fixes or work-arounds?

Hello, Thank you so much for replying to my email. I really miss not using Pencil. I am using Yosemite OS Pencil worked OK on my previous operating system.

Pencil - Free Download - Zwodnik

Had I known Yosemite would not work with Pencil, I would not have upgraded. On Mar 6, , at 3: If you downloaded the package from our downloads section in the website then I'm pretty sure it won't work on any MAC OS X version past leopard since though is a version from 6 years ago, despite being the "stable" version. So I'll have to ask you to visit this Google Drive link that contains all the new, but experimental versions from the past 6 months. There please look for the Pencil2D-mac Then find the executable file I think it's a.

I download this program and tried it out. IS there any way I could contribute to your website, given I have no coding skills?

Current Stable Version (v0.6.2)

This problem was apparently more present in MAC OS X "El Capitan" as well other Yosemite user haven't pointed out this particular problem but, it's really happening all over the place in every version. For now our devs are looking into it and there are plans to work on it, but I can't give you an estimated time for it to become fixed. I'm afraid that if this problem persist I'll have to ask of you to take some screenshots when this problem occurs.

PCL" in the same location i. If you DON'T have these folders, I'm afraid the files won't open because the PCL file is like an "address" book, it only tels the Pencil "engine" to look for resources over that folder. If the resources are lost, Pencil won't open anything. If you do have the folders intact with the PCL files outside of them, and you still can't open the PCL file properly, please collect and zip both PCL and folder and upload it so we can take a look at it.

Modeling with Shapr3D

Just in case. Hi dogenzip , Thanks for your feedback! Pencil2D is currently in a transitional state. The lack of development resources has made the previous official release 0. Much too long actually. We are working on making the next version of Pencil2D to be working on top of the latest version of QT as well as the latest operation systems. It requires some effort and we are slowly but surely getting there. We want Pencil2D to be lightweight, easy to use for everyone but still full featured. I personally want the Pencil2D's brush engine to be very responsive on old slow computer and I realize we are quite far from there with the current brush engine.

Jose-Moreno I was thinking of keeping this MyPaint update for after the 0. I think we should look into a way of getting someone to help you, but even though I put some notice on the facebook page requesting for developers, no one has even dared to contact us. If you can think of a friend or anyone that can help you out, please let them know. Another difficulty I've encountered through the "tumblr" blog, is that many MAC users are having tremendous amount of problems with the software particularly with the 15th JAN Nightly Build.

Most are understanding, but a few angsty teenagers are getting on my nerves.

Minimal Design

To be honest so far Pencil2D has a bad reputation spread-out. I've been trying to output great work from exceptional people that have used Pencil2D in spite of it's flaws, but the app needs to redeem itself to the larger userbase. I don't know if we could like ask for donations to pay you at least one day of full work or something on Pencil2D.

Since we're not a "foundation" but rather a "volunteer collective" we are limited to what as a group we can do. I can't go and fund Pencil2D by myself either because exchanging my currency to EUR would dry me up, although maybe if it's one day we could find a way. I'm just thinking out loud, but this is the time to think about it.

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We are neck deep here, so we either get out of the water or drown completely hah. Anyway, thank you for your resilience, it's inspirational that you continue to help the project out like this. I agree with your email. One or two people cannot bear the burden of this task. Is there a way this could be done? On Mar 7, , at 9: I'd have to think of a way to do this with as much transparency as possible for both the users as well as our developers. I'd be willing to take care of it, but I can't appoint myself to do such a task as easily because despite my presence on the website and my willingness to help the project, no body really knows me so even I would be skeptical at first to hand me such task.

So we would need to at least guarantee that the money that anyone donates will be actually spent in development. Download ZIP.

Pencil2D Animation

Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Latest commit 3ed2b8a Jul 17, Dec 7, Apr 29, Jun 26, screenshot. About The Next Version Pencil V3 is a rewrite of Pencil that aims to fix major performance and scalability issues of the application. The following list summarizes important changes in the new version: We expect that by moving into this Nodejs-based environment, the Pencil source code can be much easier for all fellow developers to play with. A new mechanism for page management that dramatically reduces memory usage for large documents.

Document pages can now be structured into a tree-like model. Custom fonts can now be embedded into Pencil. Wi th regard to Pencil, free does NOT mean inferior. No circle tool for my shaky hands to make heads, eyes, and wheels. With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready.

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To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. View full description. CONS You'll need a graphics tablet to get anything impressive out of it. Softonic review I've always been fascinated with animation and these days there are loads of professional software tools around that allow you to become a cartoonist yourself. Paintbrush Basic doodling app for Mac. Adobe Photoshop Update Patch for Photoshop version 7. GIMP Open source image editor gets even better.

SketchUp Powerful yet accessible 3D modeling software. Download Pencil 3. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about Pencil. More reviewed on January 16, More reviewed on December 8,