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The PGP. Please run through the steps again, starting from download to running the script. Remove any previous PGPDesktop.

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If the following error occurs: You should move it to the Trash. Please see the following article for a workaround and more details: I wanted to provide you with some additional recovery information.

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If you have not tried already, I suggest to use the I have included a link below for you convenience. If you have access to a Windows PC you can find a utility online that will allow you to create a bootable USB with the recovery image. You may need to authenticate to the disk and then you should see an option to decrypt. Once the drive is decrypted you should be able to boot into the OS, or run repair options provided to you by OS X. I wanted to provide you with some additional information.

How to Clean Install OS 10.8 Mountain Lion

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ARCHIVED: Known issues with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) at IU

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No, just sit back and shut up all of you, take it. Take the bad faith, take the delays, take the bugs. Take it all. Beginning with version Please check TECH Installation-related error message: Your Mac OS X system has been started up using the bit kernel.

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To install Symantec Encryption Desktop, you must start up your system using the bit kernel ". See the following links for the Release Notes for version I have highlighted the word "nicht" in bold - which means that I assume that All fine. Now - having a positive experience - it was tried to do the same procedure with a another new MacBook Air.

Didn't find the article you were looking for? Try these resources.

The whole procdure started good, but now it was not possible to encrypt the disk drive. Encryption desktop aborts with PGPError: A case was openend [ref: This is why the technical document is misleading: Apple ships Maverick version Greetings and a big thank you to the technical support engineer Amol who is trying to escalate this issue internally at Symantec. No other internal disks are present.


As soon as the usage of new comp will start the sensitive user data. It has OSX Mavericks If I go to "Encrypt a Disk" no drives appear in the list not even my externals or USB sticks all of which should appear. If I do manage to make a volume I can't mount it usually and if by a miracle I do manage to mount it then it is lacking a ton of files that should be in the Volume it makes no sense at all.

Is this going to be fixed soon?