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Adobe Photoshop has been a major brand in the photo editing software community for quite some time. They have given us nothing but the best and have continued that path with the Adobe Photoshop Elements It offers almost everything that the full version does at a fraction of the cost. Photoshop Elements 11 improves upon version 10 in a number of key ways.

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It starts with a brighter more intuitive user interface. It has been made easier to navigate but still gives you the flexibility to customize to your liking. This is an amazing program over all but with anything there is a few cons. The organizer slows down with larger photo collections. The facial recognition is not always consistent. And finally the Unsharp Mask can be quite confusing. Over all this is a great progra m that I would recommend to anyone, especially if on a budget. It will get the job done and not leave a huge hole in your pockets.

I had this on my old laptop and wanted it for my new laptop. I am used to this program and feel comfortable using it. I am very happy with it and I got such a great deal on it!! DVDs are in excellent condition. It features a sleek new interface, the ability to refine edges, and new drawing filters. The upgraded interface is easier to read on the screen with clearer text and tool icons. The organizer tool allows you to easily find, catalogue, and print your files. It provides 90 percent of the functionality of the full version of Photoshop CS. The easy interface and tools give users the ability to edit their photos and share them on social media.

Use RAW format from iPhoto to an external image editor such as Photoshop Elements

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Home Categories About. Sign In Register. Community Home Products: Photoshop Elements. Elements prior versions: Doesn't work with new macOS Elements 11 opens, I can open a jpg but when I start to edit the picture Elements immediately closes with no error message. Simon Pack 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. All 13 Replies Popular. Same here I'm guessing we have to upgrade to a newer version. Submit Cancel. Katie Flores 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. I was hoping to find a solution to this as well. Anything I try to do causes Photoshop to crash.

Open System Preferences. Click the lock to make changes, then enter your system username and password for your computer. Select Privacy from the top set of tabs, then select Accessibility from the left-hand column of options. If you attempt to reinstall without first removing previously installed files, then it's possible that the installer can't overwrite the existing files. Also, it's possible that the hard disk doesn't have enough free space to install the application. If reinstalling still does not work, manually remove the product. Some system components--for example, device drivers and virus protection utilities--can conflict with the installer and result in an incomplete or failed installation.

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To prevent these conflicts, install the product from the desktop. If you still face problem, restart your computer and then retry the installation to check if the problem is resolved. Updates to the Mac OS X operating system can improve its performance and compatibility with applications. For assistance installing updates, contact Apple technical support. Before you install a system update, check the system requirements for your product to ensure compatibility. If the update isn't listed, then contact Adobe or the manufacturer of your third-party software or hardware.

If the tasks in the previous section don't solve the problem, then try the following intermediate troubleshooting tasks. To disable nonessential extensions located in the user accounts Login Items folder, hold Shift while you restart the computer. Holding Shift disables any applications that are in the Login Items folder.

Occasionally, a user account can become corrupted and prevent the installer from accessing or creating the necessary files and folders. Create an account, log in to the new account, and then try installing the product. If you log in to an account with administrator privileges but are still unable to install or run the product, then your disk permissions could be damaged. If you use an earlier version of Mac OS than After you're done testing, perform the following steps to return Fontbook back to its original state:.

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A damaged hard disk can cause installation errors. Check hard disks using a disk utility, such as Apple Disk Utility. Adobe doesn't support third-party disk utilities but provides the following instructions as a courtesy. For support, contact the developer of the disk utility.

Use current anti-virus software to check the system for viruses. Make sure that you have the latest virus definitions for the anti-virus software you use. Although virus infections are rare, they can cause unexpected system behavior, including installation errors. Running virus-detection software regularly for example, daily prevents viruses from damaging software on the system.

For instructions on running or obtaining the latest updates to the virus-detection software, see its documentation. If the tasks in the previous sections don't resolve the problem, then you could be able to resolve the problem by reformatting your hard disk.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

You can also try to determine if hardware is conflicting with your product. Adobe doesn't support hardware and provides these tasks as a courtesy only. For further assistance, contact the hardware manufacturer or an authorized reseller. If you troubleshoot hardware problems yourself, then you could void the computer's warranty. Before you remove or rearrange hardware, turn off and disconnect the power to the computer and any peripheral devices. Install and run your product from a different hard drive installed in the same computer or the same hard drive installed in a different computer.

If the problem doesn't recur, then the hard drive or the motherboard you were using previously could be the cause. For assistance, contact the manufacturer. Install the system software on a different hard disk not a different partition on the same disk and then specify that disk as the startup disk. Then, install your product to the new hard disk. Running a system restore erases all contents on the hard disk.

Photoshop Elements User Guide. Select an article: On this page Before you begin Intermediate troubleshooting Advanced troubleshooting Contact customer support. Applies to: Photoshop Elements Premiere Elements. System errors can manifest themselves in many different ways, including but not limited to the following: An error such as "The application has unexpectedly quit. The system and other applications have not been affected.

Before you begin. Temporarily disable firewalls, antivirus software, and third-party security software.