When you are creating a multi -level mega burger like these ones are you have to be mindful about not only how the flavours will come together but also how the burger will hold up when the diner decides to dive into it. The Angriest whopper with its extra wide bun can be a handful to hold onto.

In terms of taste the Angriest Whopper does tend to stand out a bit with its aggressive spice levels, however paired with that aggressive spice Which I love btw there is also a distinct sense that they have been a bit too liberal with the use of Garam Masala in their mix.

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This is something I have noticed even when trying their regular Whopper so there is a definite choice that the Burger King tastemakers seem ton making for the Indian Vegetarian Palette. The addition of the Onion rings and Fries to the burger does help in adding a varied taste to the burger though and is much appreciated. On the other hand, the corn and cheese patty of the Veg Maharaja Mac is pretty satisfying and true to their claim does end up seeming like a whole meal. The Burger does tend to get a bit monotonous though given its size, however pair it with a side of fries like I did and you are good to go.

I do wish there was more to the Burger Bun though. An herbed bun would have been nice to give a bit more flavour in every bite. In terms of bang for your buck though the fact that the Maharaja Mac feels more like a complete meal is a definite plus for McDonalds.

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With both burgers having won two rounds each it comes down to me as a referee to declare my final decision and it has to be with the Angriest Whopper. Do remember to confirm your subscription by clicking on the link in the email you would have just received. Insightful thoughts from a random brain. Round 2 — How are they built? This round then is definitely with the Golden Arches.

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Couldn't resist diving into the Burger before taking a snap. McCafe Strawberry Ice Tea. Chocolate Based. Mocha Regular. Hot Tea. Masala Chai Latte Regular. McCafe Hot coffee. Hot Coffee. Latte Regular. McCafe Slice Cakes. Filter Coffee. Thums Up. Mixed Berry. Mccafe-caramel Coffee Frappe Regular. McCafe Ice Tea. Mccafe-green Apple Tea Regular. Strawberry Shake. Americano filter coffee. Georgia Iced Tea. Ice Tea georgia Large. Diet Coke. Schweppes Water. Black Forest McFlurry. McFlurry Choco Crunch.

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McFlurry Oreo. Soft Serve Hot Fudge. Soft Serve Strawberry. McCafe Pastry.

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Mccafe-blueberry Cheese Cake. McCafe Slice Cake.

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