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Here is the study of different block sizes and scripts that can be run to determine the optimum one for your system: For testing purposes, any Linux ISO should work. I happened to be working with Linux Mint the last couple of days. The default is for a BIOS computer.

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I got a chance to do this several times because of a problem I was having. I could boot the USB flash drive just fine.

And then run the installer to place Linux on a HDD. But then the HDD would not boot. Fixing that solved the problem. I like it! Oh and as for block sizes: The steps you took should indeed work. The tmp. I can install the current Raspbian IMG file using your app perfectly. Copying the files per the instructions on raspberrypi. What am I missing? Hope this help. I tried using both the raspberrypi.

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I tried extracting the files from the zip, then copying and I tried extracting the files directly to the root of the sdcard. The odd thing is raspbian works the first time, every time. No big deal. Thanks for your app! I love that I can install Raspbian without having to look up those obscure command line paths. Haha, no I do not consider you a pain in the ass haha … these are very legit questions in my opinion. The obscure command-line is exactly why I wrote this app for myself … haha … cool!

Glad you like the app ….

Mac OS X Yosemite - How To Create A Bootable Install Drive

Any suggestions on how it could be made less confusing? This Western Digital article kind-a confirms this even for El Capitan link. I actually had to double check that based on the info you provided. So no harm in double checking …. Thanks for the compliment and the humor! Which version are you using, v1.

Did you do a restore before? When I click cancel when asked to select a file, it just goes back to the main screen. Can you tell me the exact steps to reproduce it? You could try partitioning and formatting with Disk Utility of your Mac , just use something like a single partition, and see the card gets recognized properly.

I unfortunately do not have 64 Gb SD cards available to test, but I would not expect problems. Keep us posted! What kind of card reader to you use on you desktop? And while I was typing this, the restore completed! Now to see if it actually works. Haha that cartoon is hilarious! What kind of Mac are you using? What kind of SD card are you using? Does your Mac recognize the SD card? Does the SD card have anything on it yet at least an empty partition so you can test if the card works properly?

I am currently using a macbook pro, my mac does recognize my micro hc 32gb card. I have tried using a micro sd adapter with my built in slot and a usb adapter and I have tried using an empty card and it still will not show up on the list on the program. If it effects anything I am using version 1. If you use 1. Thanks for this tool. I notice on El Capitan This becomes a major problem when the max processes limit is reached and no more processes can be forked. A restart of the computer is the only good way to clean up.

I like the tool a lot but I have a lot of trouble with this behavior and thought you should know. Thanks Chad for notifying me about that potential issue. Are you sure they stick around as zombies? The locking out of other apps is not something I have experienced, could you clarify this so I can mimic what is happening? Any input to reproduce this is most welcome. I used had to look it up, so I figured; post it here, someone might find it helpful.

However, when I close ApplePi-Baker, after using it, they all disappear instantly. I will look into this to see if I can force these processes to be killed right away. I managed to find the culprit as far as zombie processes goes. It seems that the process object needs explicit termination each time after I call that exact same object instance, otherwise it keeps creating new processes. Maybe that is what you mean with locking? Such a speedy and thorough response!! Thanks for that.

Once that limit is reached, you cannot launch any more processes. Also, using compression and decompression increases the time and thus increases the chance of hitting the upper limit. But … while doing so I bumped into a quicker start for restoring an image, so once I get stability back to what I like, I most certainly will release a new version. A peak moments it will have 5 processes running, while writing, but they will not increase, and once restore is completed they will all disappear again.

Your method is better for monitoring. A little strange that the activity monitor is not displaying the zombies. Considering the amount of downloads, I wish I would have thrown it in the App store. With El Capitan some of the commandline statements have changed a little bit.

Since you want to keep it free, why not put it on github? Then others can contribute and make pull requests to enhance your nice tool…. If you or others would like to, you can test 1. Any feedback would be appreciated. I was able to use your 1. Thanks for addressing the issue and soliciting feedback on the fix! Used 1. Thank you for posting a confirmation! The slight speed increase is what I observed as well, it has to do with how I changed the unmounting of the disk. Hi Hans, thanks for making this app available. I had absolutely no success with the Win32 Disk Keeper, and when I heard about your app I was ecstatic.

Works great. My boot disk is a SanDisk 32 GB. That works, no errors. Then I eject my SD card, place a new one same model, same capacity in the reader and do the restore. That also works, no error. After it has completed I eject that card and place it in my RPi. Power up the RPi and it fails half way through bootup with the following error:. I have tried different blank, identical SD cards.

But if I put my original SD card in, it boots fine. I have heard rumors about this being a potential bug in the boot script — see this old Raspberry Pi Forum post. They mention too boot the Pi while holding down the Shift key, so it goes into recovery mode. And then edit the config file, something like copied from that post! Just keep in mind that I have not tested this. I did find another post related to that message in the Raspberry Pi forums as wel. Unfortunately, I have not been able to replicate the error. As far as I know, it has to do with your filesystem being corrupted somehow.

So in these cases the fix was to revert cmdline. I put that one in the RPi and it booted perfectly.

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So I guess we can write this problem off and forget about it. Definitely a motivator to keep going! Have a fresh set jessi and then shut down correctly. Card into the mac and ApplePi made a backup. After a few trials and tests with dm Raspi I wanted the backup import back on the map. Reports ApplePi always the backup would be larger than the map! Importing goes but Nevertheless. This typically happens when the size of the image is a little bit larger than and the size of your target SD.

Ja Die Karte habe ich mit Frischem Jessi bespielt, dann raspi soweit eingerichtet und als das fertig war auf dem Mac ein Backup von dieser Karte gemacht. There are usually 2 reasons why the restore of a backup would fail by the way: Note that if ApplePi-Baker reports the image to be bigger than the SD card, then this very likely is the case! Can you try to restore to a bigger card just for testing purposes? Might be useful for diagnostic purposes, if nothing else! Thank you for the suggestion!

I used to do that with one of the first versions, only to find out that it would clutter the interface most of the time, these are large numbers. I have a problem, every time I flash a img using the software at the end of sd FAT16 is impossible to use the entire size Raspberry Pi. It was me who was making a mistake of basic knowledge of linux.

The program works excellent. Thanks Armando! The huge file sizes are playing havoc on my backup drives. Also would it be possible to have some verification? In the meanwhile, I read a post on StackExchange that might be helpful. They mention 2 options: Ehm, compression and decompression is already build in, and supports several formats incl.

Zip, Rar, 7zip, tgz etc. I even added the option to extract select an IMG from an archive when there are multiple IMGs included in the archive. But … so far no luck. As for the mounting; I forgot I installed Paragon ExtFS on my Mac, with the intend to get access to the files and see if I could get a smaller backup this way no dice though. Sorry about that — my bad! The app sees my SD card. I select it and then select the. I click Restore Backup and nothing seems to happen. Does it not work with a USB sd reader? The spinning beachball, typically occurs when APB is trying to unmount the SD card in the beginning of the writing proces.

Sometimes this goes super fast, but on rare occasions this takes a bit longer or almost forever. You could try the USB card reader on your Mac mini and see if you experience similar problems there. Select your […]. For windows user feel free to used any other software to burn downloaded raspbian image to micro SD card. On a mac, you can burn the image easily with ApplePi-Baker: On a Windows machine, you can burn the image with Win32 Disk Imager: Using v 1.

Yields a Fat32 partition named Raspberry on a I found some fixes but they seem too complicated for me with two weeks experience on the Rpi. Does anyone here know of a simple fix, other than buying a bunch of 32GB cards and trying them? One or two user reported similar issues. Since I do not have a 32Gb SD card laying around, I will have to order a few to do some testing myself and see what is going on. Oh well, I can probably find a use for them. I think the issue is more with cards of slightly differing amounts of free space than the size of the card: The same problem may occur with cards sold as 8gb.

The main problem as I understand it from web searches is that DD fails when trying to back up a slightly larger card to a slightly smaller card as above. I have two Rpi3s and I am trying to both make a backup of my work and clone one card to the other. I had a onetime success in cloning between those two cards. But then I worked on one card, backed it up using ApplePi-Baker and tried to restore the backup to the other card. ApplePi-Baker pretends to complete a 3gb backup in a minute or two. My camera reported that it was formatting a 1gb card but at the end it said it had formatted OSX reports it as Trying to boot the Rpi from it resulted in a Kernal Panic 1.

I had this happen with a card that became unformatable when I was using DD. Is it possible that your SD cards are faulty? You can check using the F3 utility http: I agree with AndrewS that the card could be an issue. On the other hand, if DD is causing issues, then that would show when I try this with my newly ordered 32Gb SD cards which should arrive shortly. For me to mimic the exact same steps: If you are having problems re-using a card, try reformatting using the program SD Formatter.

Launch program and choose Overwrite Format. This has cleaned up a couple of SD cards that I was having a problems with when I tried to re-use them. APB does not zero out the card. SD Formatter is indeed a great tool for the occasional real formatting of an SD card! The issue of differing byte capacities between cards of the same nominal size is a real problem. There are links to follow re: Win32DiskImager recognizes if an uncompressed image file is too big to fit on the target card.

DD quickly silently fails as does Apple Pi-Baker. Within seconds of the start of a restore, APB reports: It would be nice if APB could someone recognize failure of a compressed image. If not, the problem could be documented. The problem with copies not successfully booting is not specific to the Mac.

I get the same problem on Windows. Sometimes I get a kernal panic and sometimes the Rpi runs fsck for hours and then fails. I went back to an earlier backup and a restore from it will boot on the Rpi. I guess the next step is to run fsck on the working SD card—maybe the file system is corrupt someplace.

This is a nightmare because there are multiple causes of my problems which confuses things!!! Hopefully documenting this here will help someone else. Thanks Irv for posting and researching! APB does make an attempt to compare the source file and target SD sizes, however, the actual size determination is tricky. So that would only cover a small group of users, or none at all. I have tried repeatedly with different cards. The app does start by unmounting the card and then moves on to Baking IMG recipe.

From that point the app seems to do nothing for up to 2 hours. Progress bar never moves and no estimate to complete is displayed. Are you using a build in SD card reader? Or an external one? Something must be locking out access to your card s. Thank you for taking time to help me. So far I have tried with the sd card inserted into the slot on the mac. I do not use anti virus programs. If that fails probably have to try to figure out how to use terminal commands to write an image.

I have noticed that some file managers seem to lock a drive occasionally. AFAIK the dis needs to be unmounted before we can write to the raw device. I sometimes seem to have problems with SD cards formatted on the Mac unless I eject them after the format and then reinsert them. Were any created? If you look at the card in the finder, does it any files on it? That might provide a clue as to where it fails. Thanks Irv for chiming in! In the last 45 minutes there has been no change. I will leave it alone until I next hear back from yourself or another commentator. Are you trying to backup the Rpi system?

Or are you trying to install more software to the Rpi SD card? As I read them, you install the volumio image on a newly formatted card and then put it into the Rpi. You can restore the image file right away. Tweaking 4 All. ApplePi-Baker for Raspberry Pi. Search for: Easy - With careful reading, anyone should be able to do this.

Related Articles - Jump straight to an overview of related articles if any Google Plus - Share this page Some key points: Reporting issue … here! Mac OS X Filename: Since the implementation by Apple depends on a few funny settings, you might have to execute the folllowing from a Terminal window: PiBaker AppleMagnifiedMode -bool no. ApplePi-Baker — New authentication window.

Related Articles. Jan 18, - 1: Dec 20, - 7: Dec 22, - 2: Comment Link. Jan 2, - 4: Hi, I tried this morning to install ApplePi-Backer. Hi Richard, Like John said: Feb 11, - Hello, Just download and use ApplePi Baker. Because I love your app, thus I always wanna it better. Feb 12, - Hope you like it … Enjoy! Feb 13, - 3: ApplePi-Baker v1. May 1, - 1: Hi Hans! Very nice works!

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It works without problems! Only one thing tha probably is a little bug little!! Thank you for great work!! May 1, - 9: May 1, - Thank you for your ultra-fast reply!! And thank you for your support! Hope you will investigate! I will stay tuned!! Have a nude day! May 2, - 2: May 3, - 3: Thanks a lot!! I will try it tomorrow! Ps naturally my previous post was: May 3, - 7: Feb 19, - 7: Feb 19, - Feb 27, - Mar 2, - 8: Mar 2, - Mar 13, - 9: Thanks for this, it worked like a charm!

Mar 15, - 7: Mar 15, - Hi Masci! Mar 30, - 2: The app is great! Mar 30, - 6: Apr 1, - 4: Apr 4, - 2: Apr 4, - 9: Perfect perfect thank you so much!!! Apr 5, - 3: Apr 8, - How I can solve that? Hi Justus, I and a lot of others am running this app under Mavericks Apr 21, - Apr 22, - 6: Apr 22, - 7: Apr 16, - Apr 25, - Apr 26, - 8: Apr 30, - 5: May 5, - Thank you! May 5, - 8: May 6, - 6: May 6, - 8: Thanks Sashmo, But that would be for expanding a partition only? May 7, - 1: You got me, Hans. Anw, thanks for your guideline, Sashmo.

May 7, - 9: May 8, - 9: May 8, - 8: Fast and simple!!

How to format a drive in Mac OS 10.6 to 10.10

May 9, - May 24, - 9: Maybe you can manage to recognize these drives as well… the dd command does work, but it is awfully slow and has no progression bar ; Many thanks again and best regards, Zumo. May 25, - 7: Hi Zumo, thanks for the positive feedback. May 25, - Just release v1. May 26, - May 26, - 1: May 30, - May 31, - 4: May 31, - 8: Hello Hans, The backup file compressing feature is really useful. May 31, - Thanks for all your efforts to improve the app: Jun 1, - Jun 4, - Jun 8, - Jun 9, - 8: Jun 10, - Jun 15, - 8: Jun 20, - 1: Thanks so much for this tool, very awesome and easy to use.

Regardless, keep up the great work! Hi Kray — seems your comment accidentally ended up in spam, so I reposted it. Jun 20, - 2: Not very in depth at file systems either, so… Lol. Was also thinking about using Parallels to setup a Debian OS on to deal with stuff like this. Thanks again for the awesome tool. Do you accept paypal donations? Hi Kray! Jun 21, - Totally missed the link at the top LOL thanks! Rescue Rescue your data. Choose the Right Drive. Surveillance Centre. Creative Professionals. Nytro Leverage flash storage. Exos Achieve greater capacity. Systems Deploy better infrastructure.

Lyve Data Labs. Data Security. Our Story. Seagate Champions. Par contre la version "specifique" x. Qu'est-ce qu'il y a de nouveau? Puis remettre en El Capitan. On fait ce qu'on veut C'est tout. Je viens d'aller voir sur son twitter Ailleurs sur le web. Comment fait-il? Mais ca oblige a passer a high sierra du coup? Impossible d'installer MacOS sur une machine en mode "taget disk" Seul le programme d'installation peut acceder aux update du firmware Il n'y a pas de version de Bonne question.

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