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Includes multi-tabular display of queries with options for filtering, sorting, searching, and much more.

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Create multi-table joins. Find and replace data, preview generated SQL, and more.

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Compare table data across databases, or compare the results of queries. Additional Information RazorSQL provides both easy to use visual tools and advanced features to allow users to do database browsing, editing, management, administration, and programming. Features A Database Navigator for browsing database objects.

Although the project is only in the early stages of development, we encourage you to take a close look at what we have and where we are going. The project is completely open, and we will welcome anyone, individuals or organizations, who is interested in the objectives and strategy of the project and wishes to participate in its development, in a common or entirely private capacity, or to become its sponsor.

Firebird Butler also presents a great opportunity for developers with experience in Python, Java, FreePascal, Delphi, C or other languages to get involved in Firebird project activities. Initially, the task involves sorting out some bugs concerning usage with PHP v.

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  • The new article with the collection of tips and tricks to improve Firebird database performance: The article is based on the appropriate presentation from "Firebird Performance Tour" seminar. Why "23 more"?

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Kind of what Crystal is doing with Ruby-like syntax but runs "fast as C. This has been a huge success. Which one can do a straight up Open with one click on an.

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    • MSDB access database with no conversions? None I do not believe, but that does not mean you cannot migrate the data. Beyond that, what you ask for was not the point of this article, and is not the main goal of either of these alternatives either. I've been using the very expensive FileMaker Pro database for my personal databases for a long time. My needs are pretty simple, but FM has a few features that don't seem to be available at least not in any simple or obvious way with other database packages.

      Specifically, these features are: Text fields that don't have a length limit. Every text field in FM allows arbitrary amounts of text, including basic formatting. And it is stored efficiently - I'm not wasting a maximum-size field for every row in order to have this capability. Numeric fields that include text. Non-numeric context following the digits is accepted and stored, but is not used for sorting or searching.

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      Multi-value fields. I can declare any field to accept multiple values. On the GUI form, I specify the maximum number of values to display, but internally there doesn't seem to be a limit. When searching, a value matching any of a field's values will match the field. Embedded media. I can paste images into fields.

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      I think most databases support this today, but it is trivially simple with FileMaker. A trivially easy layout editor for designing input forms and reports. The last time I looked at database packages several years ago , no other product not even Access supported Ironically, 1 was available in the 80's using Clipper a compiler for dBase programs using its "memo" type fields. The open source world really lacks an environment for rapid application developement like access.

      While the database part of access can be substituted by many os dbs, I do not know any tool neither libreoffice base that allows to build with almost no code forms, queries and reports. Possibly with html.

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      Do you know any? That is the power of msaccess that cannot find any alternative. Build simple business applications and keep track of your data with these worthy open source alternatives. Image by: